constanza oquendo




Constanza Oquendo was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1988. Creative and talented, she has demostrated her passion for fashion and design throughout the years, dedicated to the creation of her namesake brand and to her work succeeds in becoming a top model of fashion design in Venezuela by presenting her first collection which stands out as a modern, unique and elegant proposal.

With a bachelor of arts in social communication, Constanza Oquendo has dedicated herself to fashion design, which is her true passion and vocation, that is why she studied patter making and clothing in Venezuela. As well as expert studies in fashion new media and design entrepeneurship at the renowned Pratt Institute in New York.

In Addition to working on the creation and development of her own brand, she had the opportunity to work at the main office of Zac Posen's PR and marking Department, located on New York's Fifth Avenue. Each one of her collections has excelled in the differentation of her proposal. Design work and quality of her clothing. Journalists and media have dedicated multiple printed, digital and television publications that always highlight her creative ability and value of her work, Harper's Bazaar latin america named her in 2013 as one of the "10 world designers that we should follow closely".

Overtime, Constanza has been part of important events in Venezuela where she has presented her designs and with which she has achieved national and international recognition, in addition, she has accomplished to position herself as one of the top fashion designers of the moment in her country.

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